Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Columbus Short & His Former 'Stomp The Yard' Co-Star Darrin Dewitt Go AT IT On Twitter + Benzino BLASTS Stevie J & Joseline, “I Paid For The Lights And Gas To Come Back On”

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It’s Friday and there’s plenty of foolywang material to share. Find out why former “Stomp the Yard” co-stars Columbus Short and Darrin Dewitt are arguing on Twitter and what Benzino said about keeping Stevie J and Joseline’s utilities paid when you go inside…
We’ve all been watching Columbus Short’s legal woes publicly run its course. And now, one of his former co-stars is coming for him for his bad decision making.
Former “Stomp the Yard” actor Darrin Dewitt took to his Twitter account to blast his former associate for his allegeddomestic violence accusationsrecent arrests and getting FIRED from the hit ABC drama series “Scandal.” In so many words, Darrin called Columbus dysfunctional, an alcoholic and ignorant!
In a series of tweets, he wrote:
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Damn! Why is he mad?
Of course Columbus clapped back. He tweeted: 
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These two...
Not sure what prompted Darrin to come for Columbus, but the former "Scandal" star could use a dose of some tough love.
In other foolywang material...
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“Love & Hip Hop ATL” star Benzino is still airing out his co-stars Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez’s dirty laundry. If you have been keeping up with the reunion shows, you saw Joseline attack Benzino’s fiancé Althea Heart and Zino on the last episode.
Stevie's former bestie has been going at his former friend and his wife on social media since they fell out on the show. And most recently, he revealed HE was the one who had to help the couple during a difficult time. According to him, they are broke! And he’s the one who paid to have their gas and lights turned back on at their "mansion," just one month before the reunion taping.
He wrote:
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We would like to see those receipts....

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