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Kevin Hart Dishes On Chemistry With Regina Hall: ‘I’ve Never Clicked Faster With Anybody’

Regina King and Kevin Hart About Last Night Q&A
Kevin Hart is riding high off of the success of “Ride Along” (which has topped the box office for three weeks in a row), and is now gearing up for another movie release, “About Last Night.”  The new film is a remake of the 1986 classic, and stars Joy Bryant and Michael Ealy (Debbie and Danny) as a couple who meet in a bar and start a relationship off of a one-night stand.  Kevin Hart and Regina Hall play the couples’ two friends, Bernie and Joan, who are somewhat hating on the relationship.
This week, Kevin Hart attended the New York screening of the film, along with Regina Hall and Joy Bryant, followed by a Q&A where he discussed the cast’s on-screen chemistry, the recent success of films that feature all-black casts, and why he thinks “About Last Night” is his best piece of work to date.
Catch the highlights:
On his chemistry with Regina Hall
I definitely tip my hat off to Regina because it was hard for her. Working with me, not wanting me, not trying to take this to a different level, we kept it professional, which I respect you for. [Jokes with Regina] You could have taken advantage of me and you didn’t. I’ve never clicked on camera faster with anybody in my life than I did Regina. Guy or female. Our comedic chemistry, our emotional chemistry, we didn’t have to search for it.
Bernie and Joan are 70 percent of the relationships out there. Those couples that are that crazy that they see no problem in what they do and they think everybody else is crazy. ‘We ain’t the problem, y’all the crazy one. Y’all lying and making everything seem like it’s perfect.‘ We are a dysfunctional item but I love the journey that Bernie and Joan takes everyone on. I love how real it is and people are going to relate to that!
On if he thinks that it’s important that this film is not boxed into being just a “black film”:
People go see a film because it’s a good film. If you look at this year’s success with all ‘black movies,’ you look at ‘The Butler,’ ‘ 12 years a Slave,’ ‘Think Like A Man,’ ‘The Best Man Holiday,’ and ‘Ride Along,’ these are all movies that have been successful at the box office. At the end of the day, you can’t justify a film being a ‘black movie’ when you are looking at 70 million plus at the box office. That’s a universal film. That means you are making quality films, so I think that stigma is slowly getting released. At the end of the day, numbers show. If the numbers show, you can’t deny crossover material. A film is a film. If it’s a good film, the end result is that everyone will support it.
Will Packer added: Before it came to me, it was a film that another producer had developed and attempted to get made years before. They found that when they went to white actors to remake it, white actors were apprehensive about stepping into a remake, they said, ‘I don’t want to be the Demi Moore, I don’t want to be seen as the person who is trying to be Rob Lowe.’ There was hesitancy from that community. When I brought it to this group of actors, it was fearlessness. I didn’t get that at all. They looked at it as, ‘Yes, it happened to be a remake,’ but they looked at it as a new project.
Kevin Hart On “About Last Night” being his best work to date
We made a good movie. Me watching it tonight with a live audience, me seeing people react to it for the first time, I’m so proud of this project. This honestly, is my best work to date. Yes, ‘Ride Along’ did amazing numbers at the box office, but I’m very happy. This is my first grown man f-cking role! I’m excited about it!

About Last Night” arrives in theaters on February 14, just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Kevin Hart Joy Bryant and Regina Hall About Last Night ScreeningProducer Will Packer and Kevin Hart about last night screening New York Producer Will Packer and Kevin Hart About Last Night ScrenningProducer Will Packer and Kevin Hart
Necole Bitchie and Joy Bryant About Last Night Premiere
P.S. I met Joy Beezy! I love her!

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