Thursday, August 29, 2013

WHOA: 11 Year Old YBF Kid Genius Starts COLLEGE At TCU!

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Eleven-year-old Carson Huey-You just became the the youngest person to ever attend Texas Christian University where he's studying quantum physics. And he's a YBF kid! Meet the little genius inside.....

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CNN anchor Don Lemon might love this story since he's been spending the past few months debating whether young Black men should be held accountable for pulling up their pants. Meet Carson Huey-You, an 11-year-old who just became the youngest student at Texas Christian University. And today was his first day on campus.
So what makes young Carson so extraordinary? His mom (above), Claretta says he was intensely focused as an infant and was reading books by the time he was 2-years-old. At age 5, he was in high school. He also speaks Mandarin Chinese and plays piano. And if that isn't enough to blow your mind and make your Honors diploma seem pointless, he graduated from Accommodated Learning Academy in Grapevine (he was co-valedictorian) with a 4.0 grade point average and a 1770 SAT score!
He says he finds Calculus very relaxing. Yeah...relaxing. "Whenever you are like ‘Oh, that makes sense now,’ just kind of after going at it, going at it, it’s just kind of like that one moment of thought.”
He talked to CBS local about enrolling in college and what his experience has been.
“I’m taking calculus, physics, history and religion. Those are my four classes. It’s fun because it’s basically just like high school, but in a big campus…with a lot more people."
And the folks at TCU spoke about having Carson on the campus. Dean of Admissions Ray Brown said it was not easy to admit him, but they were set on him becoming a Horned Frog (the school's mascot).
"He was completely off the grid when it came to even the most basic of things, like completing an application or completing a financial aid form. Because of his date of birth, those forms would not accept his application."
Carson's associate math professor Qiao Zhang added, “He’s definitely very talented and also he’s very serious about his work and he really enjoys it. And that’s the best that a professor can hope for his students, right?”

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