Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Woman Involved In Capitol Hill Chase -- Was Postpartum Depression Or Mental Illness Involved?

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When 34-year-old Miriam Carey, who has been identified as the now deceased suspect in yesterday's Capitol Hill chase, was discovered to have possibly suffering from mental issues, it sparked a different conversation amongst the masses.

Find out why some are saying it's an injustice the unarmed mom of a 1-year-old was fatally shot, even though she tried to ram the barricades of The White House....
Plenty of developments have surfaced after yesterday's frightening lockdown on Capitol Hill.  The suspect who was identified as causing the lock down is Miriam Carey. 
With her 1-year-old daughter in her car, she recklessly drove into the barriers surrounding the White House and led Capitol police on a chase toward the Capitol.
It was reported that Miriam, who lived in Stamford, CT but was originally from Brooklyn, was unarmed, but her seemingly reckless driving in a super secure area and getting out fo the car afterwards led cops to believe she was a major threat.
Many know that making ANY wrong move this close to the White House or Capitol usually leads to security personnel shooting first and asking questions later.
Now, Miriam's mother, friends and employer have shed some light on the incident.
Apparently, Miriam, who works as a dental hygienist, told those around her that she believed her home was electronically rigged and President Obama was stalking her. 
Her former employer revealed to ABC News that she suffered a head injury over a year ago after some type of fall or accident and during her doctor evaluation, she learned she was pregnant. 
Miriam's mother told ABC News she believes her daughter suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter, Erica.
“A few months later, she got sick,” she said. “She was depressed. … She was hospitalized.”
Cops found severe medication used for emotional instability when they searched her Stamford home.
On December 12th, reports show Miriam was hospitalized for a psych evaluation after she said the city of Stamford was on lockdown (it was not) and Pres. Obama had electronically rigged her house. 
On December 21st, she had a confrontation with police after her boyfriend called authorities out of fear of their child's safety.  Then this past January, she received postpartum depression treatment.
Some experts believe there are psychosis issues involved as well since depression does not usually cause a person to drive from CT to DC to attempt to wrongfully enter the Capitol or White House. 
Many are outraged at the cops fatally shooting Miriam in her car (the child was not hurt and has been handed over to Miriam's family in Brooklyn) as she was unarmed.  But what are your thoughts, considering the super tight security around the Capitol?
[UPDATE] Miriam's family has now confirmed she suffered from postpartum psychosis, but was on medicine which seemed to be working.  They do not know what triggered this particular incident, but her sister said at Friday night's press conference that she believes the police could have handled the situation differently.

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