Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is Floyd Mayweather Selling His Ex’s Clothes On Instagram?

Floyd Mayweather and Miss Jackson
They say, “To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left…”
And it just might end up for sale on Ebay or Instagram!
Last year, even though he was locked up, boxer Money Mayweather was still able to make his fiancée Miss Jackson’s birthday a night to remember by showering her with diamond jewelry and a cake in the shape of a $30,000 Balenciaga bag, however this year was slightly different. Instead of treating her to bags, jewels and private jets, he spent her birthday posting photos of (what looks like) shoes and bags from her closet on Instagram while promoting that they would soon be for sale.
According to the rumor mill, Floyd called off his engagement a few months ago, and Miss Jackson (real name Shantel) added fuel to the fire by posting recent selfies with out her blinged-out ring.  Also, instead of flaunting birthday gifts from Floyd this year on Instagram,  she spent her special day partying at XEN Lounge in North Hollywood with stars like Akon, Teyana Taylor and Tamala Jones.
Catch what’s for sale (in case you have a few dollars for some very high-end hand-me-downs) below:
Floyd Mayweather selling Exes Clothes on Instagram NecoleBitchie Floyd Mayweather selling exes bags on Instagram

Floyd also added: “This new venture is by both me and @MissJackson. Coming soon,” which either means he is going in business with his ex, or he @’d her to let her know, “I’m selling your stuff!”
Over the past year, Miss Jackson has flaunted a lot of high-end shoes and bags from her massive closet at his house on Instagram, some of which Floyd posted was for sale.
Miss Jackson's shoe closet Miss Jackson's closet purses.jpg Miss Jackson shows off her Hermes Birkin Bags Miss Jackson Instagram 2 Miss Jackson bags
Floyd's ex Shantel Jackson celebrates her birthday
If Floyd is really selling his ex’s things, Miss Jackson would definitely be the perfect catch for the producers of one of those Baller Ex-Wives/girfriend type shows.

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