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Kerry Washington Reacts To Emmy Nomination, Plus Here’s About All You Are Going To Get On Her Wedding

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Kerry Washington is hero right now.  I’m still in awe at how she found the time to film two seasons of Scandal, two movies “D’jango” and “Peeples,” and then after she announced that she was taking a much-needed break, she ran off and got married. What the?? It’s surprising she has time for an orgasm, let alone a full-fledged relationship.  [Tips my hat.]
Today, she was spotted rocking her new wedding ring while on set for Scandal’s Season 3 first table read and let’s just say her best year ever just keeps getting better.  Earlier in the day, while flying back to Los Angeles from her honeymoon, she received the news that she snagged an Emmy nomination for “Best Lead Actress In A Drama,” and if she indeed wins later this year, she’ll go down in history as the first black actress to ever snag the award.
During a quick chat with both Entertainment Weekly and CBS, Kerry revealed her reaction to her Emmy nod as well as her excitement for the first table read of the season.  Of course, she was asked about her recent secret marriage to 49ers’ Nnamdi Asomugha and she gave an interesting response to that as well.
Catch a few excerpts below:
On her reaction to the Emmy nomination
I just feel more indebted to them than ever before. I’m really excited that I get to see them and thank them today, because there’s no way you can pull off playing a character like Olivia on a show that spans 22 episodes without having real gladiators in the trenches with you.

I feel really excited and proud to live in a world where a show that embodies so much diversity on so many levels — because our show is so diverse with regard to race and ethnicity and gender and sexual orientation — that a show that really celebrates inclusivity is able to be such a success both in the U.S. and overseas. That’s something that I’m really proud to be a part of, and I’m proud to be a citizen in a world where that’s possible.
On How She Found Out She Was Nominated
I was getting on a plane to fly back to LA from northern California. I was at the airport, and it was that wonderful thing — you know how you’re always a little preoccupied at the airport? You’re trying to get the right food to take on the flight with you. I had my dog with me, and I had to walk her, and go through security. [Laughs] My hands were full, and it was really nice to be so distracted. And then my phone rang and I saw that it was my publicist/friend Michelle, and I was like, Oh, oh, yeah. Whoa. I wonder what she’s calling to say.

On The New Script
I’m really excited to read the script. It’s totally cold reading, of course. So we’re all dying inside with anticipation. Just, like, who will be at the table read? Will Scott Foley [who was made a series regular] be at the table read, or will he not be at the table read because his character is in the hole for the whole first episode? Will Joe Morton be at the table read as my dad, or no? Where do we start? We have no clue. So that’s super exciting. And also for me, I’m just so excited that I get to see everybody and hug everybody and thank everybody today, because to me, this nomination is really a reflection of this cast, how we inspire each other and how we elevate each other.

Last question: I know you don’t discuss your personal life, but I do have to congratulate you on news of your June wedding breaking on July 3, the eve of a national holiday. Everyone was like, “That’s very Olivia Pope.” Was that your idea?
[Laughs] I thank you for your congratulations, and that is where that conversation will end. [Laughs]

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