Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TGT Brings 90′s R&B Live To Spotlight Live & Lots Of Laughs To Phillipe’s

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TGT redeemed.  Erase that horrible video clip from ‘The Couch’ last week from your memory bank.  These guys are doing it!
Last week, Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank performed as part of Atlantic Records Spotlight Live Showcase, and the fellas tore it down as they brought 90′s R&B to the stage.  First, they warmed the crowd up by performing covers of Jodeci’s “Freek N’ You”, Bel Biv Divoe’s “Poison” and Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down,” before transitioning into their own individual hits.  Ginuwine sang, “So Anxious” and “Pony” while throwing a sweat-drenched t-shirt into the crowd of drooling ladies.  Tyrese sang, “Stay” and “Sweet Lady” and Tank performed “I Deserve” and “Please Don’t Go.”  The trio ended the show with a few of their collective songs off of their upcoming 3 Kings LP  including “Sex Ain’t Never Felt Better.”
The next night, while attending a private dinner for the guys at Phillipe’s, I caught up with Tyrese who ran down the group’s history.  His friendship with Ginuwine spans over 10 years, and he was the best man at Ginuwine’s wedding back in 2003. Meanwhile, Tank was singing at a church in Washington, D.C.  over 10 years ago, when someone approached him and told him that Ginuwine was looking for a background singer. He flew out to L.A. to audition and the rest is history.
Now, it’s hard not to wonder if there are egos in a group like this, but I will confirm that they do have arguments.  While at dinner, the guys brought on a lot of laughs as they argued about small things like who had received the most screams at the show the night before and who sang first (neither of them could remember). Tank also called out Tyrese for singing his part while they were covering “Freek’N You” which resulted in Tank just standing on stage and staring at him (You can see that video below…lol!!!).  You also had a moment where Tank was being extremely silly while Tyrese was trying to have a serious discussion about bringing conviction back into music.  Tyrese finally shut down and said he wasn’t going to talk anymore which prompted Tank to yell out dramatically, “Alright! I’m Sorry, Man!!!”
I loved those moments because they gave the group character, and I became more intrigued with the group as a whole.  So much so that I mentioned I wouldn’t mind seeing a web series or short reality show surrounding these guys leading up to the album’s release. [Probably too late, but just a thought!].
From my observation, Tank is like the class clown, Ginuwine just goes with the flow, and Tyrese is the voice of the group. Since he’s booking movie roles left and right, and probably makes at least $10 million per ‘Fast & Furious’ movie, it’s hard not to wonder why he would even bother with trying to make a group like this work, but he’s seriously very passionate about it.  He said he loves film but music is where his heart is and being able to record and perform in front of his fans each night is what he lives for.

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