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5 Things We Learned From Trey Songz ‘Larry King’ Interview

Trey Songz on Larry King 2
Trey Songz on Larry King 3
Trey Songz on Larry King
Over the past few years, we can’t really say that Trey Songz has been very open when it comes to sharing pieces of himself with the public. As he became more and more successful, he became even more private, however, he let his guard down just a bit this week as he sat down with Larry King for an intimate conversation.
During their 25-minute chat, Tremaine opened up about quite a number of subjects, including working with Justin Bieber and the whole N-word controversy.  He also dished on if he believed his popularity was largely based off of his sex symbol status and if he’s ever been close to walking down the aisle.
Catch a few things we learned:
He supports Justin Bieber
I think we all make mistakes, especially as young people. I think if I was found on tape saying some things at 15 I wouldn’t want people to see. I think the fact that he’s owned up to it and not ran away from it is something we need to very much encourage because you know people do make mistakes and people do have blemishes. We all make mistakes.
[I used the N-word]
from time to time [but not in a malicious way]. Coming up in urban environments, it’s taught to us. You see older guys using it and the power is taken out of the word because it’s used in endearment.
He believes his success is partially based off of him being a sex symbol
I think there’s a difference between what people buy into sexually and what people will buy into musically, especially when you have a 90 percent female fan base. It’s interesting because I remember the times before I took my shirt off, before I gained a little weight, and before I got my abs right. I used to have braids, Larry. I don’t know if you know that. I had cornrows; eight straight back all the time just because I wanted braids. I had braids for 10 years. Actually from the time I was a sophomore [in high school].
In my own world [I was a sex symbol with those braids.]
He hasn’t been close to being married yet
No, not hitched but I’ve been committed in a relationship. It’s definitely hard to differentiate sex symbolism from real life when you’re trying to sell records and you’re trying to have successful career. I say that because you’ve seen some stars choose what fans may think the wrong love interest is or give their life to who fans don’t approve of and their sales plummet or their image plummets.
Of course, [women date me from the wrong reasons] from time to time. I’m a sex symbol, Larry, you said it! [laughs]
He believes that his popularity would suffer if he was dating the wrong girl
If you choose the wrong girl… but if my fans love the woman… It’s crazy because you see some relationships work because they are planned to work. People wait it out until you find this person on this same star line and then the fans kind of accept it.
When you are giving a certain portion of your life to people and you’re selling it sexually, you’re selling it sensually, and you’re selling it romantically, for you to then take that portion that you give only to fans away and to give it to one person, it kind of… if they don’t approve, it might be crickets for me, Larry. I got to figure it out.
He hasn’t talked to his biological father in years.
I haven’t talked to my birth father in almost three or four years. I don’t think I’m bitter [towards him]. I think I still may be a little bitter actually, but I think it’s moreso at this point I want to have a conversation with him, a real conversation. We’ve spoke over the years, but he’s never really been real with me as to why he hasn’t been in my life.
I really don’t know how he deals with [having a son that's successful]… I imagine it must be difficult.
He also dished on whether he thinks President Obama is doing a good job, his brother Forrest and the male influences he has in his life.

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