Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Savannah James Fuels Rumors That LeBron Will Be Returning To Cleveland

LeBron James Savannah D Wade Chris Bosh Adrienne Bosh Gabby etc
All it takes is one Instagram posts and a cryptic caption to bring the entire sports world to its knees with curiosity.
LeBron James and the Miami Heat crew are recovering (and relaxing) after losing that NBA title to the San Antonio Spurs a few weeks back, and now his wife Savannah has stirred up some controversy.
To catch you up, LeBron has less than a week left to decide if he will opt out of his last year with the Miami Heat to become a free agent, and rumors have been running rampant that he may very well return to Cleveland. Savannah threw fuel on that fire last night after she Instagrammed a photo of the state of Ohio with the word “Akron” spelled out in big letters, leaving many to think the couple are headed home.  The caption read, “Home sweet home!! The countdownis real!,” with 330 being Akron’s area code.
After the decision four years ago, where LeBron ditched Cleveland for Miami, would his home state welcoming him back with open arms?
Some Twitter reactions:
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His priorities have probably changed a lot in four years now that he’s married and is welcoming a third child.
Meanwhile, Savannah’s mysterious message could very well mean that the couple are going home for the off season. She was born and raised in Akron, so it would only make sense that she returns home not only to have the baby, but to spend some time with family after the baby is born.
Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.19.26 PM
LeBron James Savannah D Wade Chris Bosh Adrienne Bosh Gabby etc
Recent pic of the Miami Heat Three Kings and their wives during the playoffs. (Savannah is noticeably pregnant with the couple’s baby girl)
Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.13.14 PM

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